Where Technology & Engineering Come Together

Today’s world is more dynamic than ever before.

Things are moving faster. Technology is constantly changing. Cutting-edge engineering is driving new high-end products. Customers are often working with tighter budgets and shorter production times — all while demanding the highest quality results. At Technegy Global, our team of experts can make it happen.

Combining our state-of-the-art Technology capabilities with innovative Engineering services, we bring ideas to life that deliver exactly what our customers want. From sleek automotive components to innovative consumer items, our team of experts uses best practices and the most advanced technology to turn our customers ideas into the perfect product for their business.

Engineering Your Ideas Into Reality

At Technegy Global, it’s all about creating the right product for your business and bringing it to market as quickly and efficiently as possible. We achieve this with our highly experienced team of world class engineers. Combining their diverse expertise with the latest engineering software and prototyping techniques to develop and validate our designs like no other, these experts can complete any engineering function for every challenge presented to us.

  • benchmarking

    To help customers determine the final concept for their product, our experts develop 2D and 3D concepts and perform benchmarking studies to ensure it meets their specific needs.

  • Styling/surfacing

    Our team of engineers and designers collaborate to develop complete, functional 3D CAD models, while utilizing the latest surfacing software to create stylish and modern surfaces from concept to final design.

  • Cad/cae

    To ensure every engineering concept meets all design and customer requirements, our Technegy experts validate designs prior to manufacturing kick off with a variety of CAD, CAM and CAE simulation analysis.

  • Product engineering

    Our design and manufacturing experts have engineered, instrument panels, center consoles, door panels, electronic center stacks, lighting and decorative trim for interiors and exteriors, acoustic systems and other kinematics automotive components.

  • Prototyping

    We always want to deliver the highest-quality products to our customers. That’s why our team puts parts to the test and validates them throughout development with prototypes made using latest 3D printing and CNC technologies.

Staying on the Forefront of Technology

Our Technegy Global team of experts is continually developing new methods and cutting-edge technology solutions to keep your business always ahead of the curve.

  • Acoustic

    Our team utilizes cutting-edge acoustic technology to deliver customized speaker grille styling and top-of-the-line audio sound.

  • Lighting

    Using the latest lighting technologies, our experts can manufacture unique lighting components for every area of a vehicle, as well as commercial and consumer products.

  • Molding

    Our expertise in molding technologies helps us to determine the best application to always deliver the highest quality product.

  • Decorative

    Customize designs and add a decorative touch throughout vehicle interiors and exteriors with a variety of finishing technologies and processes.

  • Metallic

    From chemical etching to metal formation, we utilize the latest technologies to create metallic components that look great and function smoothly.

Global Support anytime, anywhere.

And with established partnerships around the globe, we offer the added benefit of being able to provide around-the-clock support 24/7. This includes engineering, design, manufacturing and much more. These Global partnerships enable us to maximize supply chain efficiencies, minimize costs and support our customers whenever, wherever and however.

Let’s make something together

At Technegy Global, we’re ready to help you turn that concept into a completed component. Whether you want to learn more about our services, are ready to get started on your next project, or are interested in joining our team…complete this form and we’ll be in touch soon.

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